our mission

  • Cluster of Students (Saddleback Church’s Student Worship Ministry -aka- COS) exists to empower students – as musicians, worshipers and followers of Christ – to grow in their gifts, so they may honor God and help lead others into His presence.
  • The ministry is dedicated to equip students in Jr. High and High School, to serve their peers with their musical gifts. 
  • COS encourages excellence. As Christians, we are called to do everything to the best of our ability.  It is not our goal to show    off or try to impress, but it’s important that we train in such a way that we can give God our very best as an act of worship. 

our staff



Christopher 'TAFFY' Tafalla is the Worship Director for Jr. High/High School at Lake Forest Saddleback Church and the Regional campuses. He is the husband of the infamous Swiss-German beauty, Sue, and the father of three brilliant kids, Léa, Gio, and Paxton. He has been pastoring students at Saddleback for over 15 years. He is dedicated to loving  J E S U S, his family, his students, and rice.


Mckenna Yeskin 


McKenna “McCountry” Yeskin is the Student Worship Ministry Coordinator. She grew up through Cluster of Students as a junior high and high school student. A few fun facts about her: Country music is her favorite. She always sneezes in threes. She loves students and worship, A LOT! Be sure to give her a high five when you see her!