Are you a vocalist or instrumentalist wanting to audition to be in Cluster of Students? Fill out the audition form below and then scroll down to find your specific audition info needed. 


If you are a vocalist, you will be doing a video audition.
The audition songs are listed below - sing 30-45 seconds of each and email Cher Carroll ( your video.
If you are an instrumentalist, email Hannah Prendergast ( to set up a time for you to come in and audition..


Fill out the audition form
check out at the audition songs below: 


All vocalists who audition will make it into our COS choir! If you are wanting to lead from a microphone in a band, you can re-audition after 3 months of being in our choir. This is to see your commitment as a team player. At the end of those three months, you will have the option to audition for a band, if that is something you would like to do! Each vocalist, in a band or not, is apart of our COS choir. The end goal of all of this is not to be on a microphone, but to be apart of this community of worshippers.

Female Vocals: 
"Hosanna" (live) - Hillsong Worship and "Reckless Love" (live) - Passion, Melodie Malone 

We will be listening to your tone, pitch and vocal style. 

Male Vocalists: 
"Love Won't Let Me Down"- Hillsong Young & Free and "Not My Own"- Cluster of Students. 

We will be listening to your pitch, tone and vocal style.



Please learn the exact parts being played on each of the songs listed below. We have the Spotify and iTunes links to each audition song if you keep scrolling down. You will be responsible for finding charts or tabs, if needed. However, if you can't find any chord charts or tabs, just ear it out.
You are welcome to use notes if need be but if possible, have the songs memorized



"Hosanna" (live)- Hillsong Worship and "Reckless Love" (live)- Passion

We will be listening for timing, strumming, good rhythm, and knowing when and when not to play.


"Hosanna" (live)- Hillsong Worship and "Reckless Love" (live)- Passion

We will be listening for lead parts, all rhythm parts, and how well you mimicked the tone of the guitar sound you hear in the songs.


"Hosanna" (live)- Hillsong Worship, "Reckless Love" (live)- Passion and "Sinking Deep" (live)- Hillsong Young & Free

We will be listening for correct timing, good rhythm and your feel of playing loud and soft throughout the song. We will also be paying attention to how well you know when to play and not play in the song. 


"Hosanna" (live)- Hillsong Worship and "Reckless Love" (live)- Passion

We will be listening for how well you are playing in the pocket of the song, locking in with the drummer and playing just like the recording. 

Drums: "Hosanna" (live)- Hillsong Worship and "Reckless Love" (live)- Passion

We will be listening for how well you are playing in the pocket, how you stay on the click/metronome and how well you can play parts just like the recording.