Late October Potted Meat


HSM VOCALS the all mandatory choir weekend, for all vocals, has changed to the end of the month because of HOMECOMING’S. For all those on MIC, this is mandatory for all vocalists, as if you were on mic this weekend.

We have 3 new COS STAFF INTERNS - Hannah Prendergast (Drums & Guitars), Brandon Hariadi (Keys & Piano), and Cher Carroll (Vocals.) Check them out on the about COS staff page.

ALL GUITARISTS IN HSM mandatory WORKSHOP on Oct 15th from 5:00-6:30. We are getting new amps in HSM and we want you to know how to use them correctly. Even if you are on a JHM team, but you are and HSM student we want you at this workshop in the refinery theater. If you can’t make it please email Taffy. or text him. NOTE: always better to email.

ALL Keyboard/Piano workshop on OCT 22nd in the refinery from 6:00-8:00. Optional for all those who want to learn more about the NORD, MIDI, and the Korg.

“Being in COS could be just a season of time, but learning how to grow with someone in Christ is forever.” - Taffy. Make sure that you are attending your life group, for this is mandatory. its more important to learn how to grow with someone in Christ then learning how to play music with others. This is one of the five biblical purposes we live by called CONNECT/FELLOWSHIP.

Mandatory meeting for all COS students at the end of the MONTH. JHM will be from 4:00-6:00 and HSM will be from 6:00-8:00

APOLOGIES that this Potted Meat doesn't look fancy. Taffy did this!!! Your just lucky he didn’t use comic sans font.