Happy October, COS!

We are finally starting to get into the normal rhythm for the year. School has started, bands have been put together, the choir is starting to mesh more and more... we are rockin' & rollin'! 

Here are some things happening this month: 

  • OCTOBER 2nd : NO HSM CHOIR PRACTICE due to Freshman/Sophomore Life Group meet and greet
    WHO: ALL JHM and HSM vocalists
    CALL TIME: Saturday, 1:45pm // Sunday, 7:15am
    WHERE: Worship Center Green Room
    DRESS CODE: COS shirt, dark jeans
    JHM CALL TIME: Saturday, 1pm // Sunday, 8am
    HSM CALL TIME: Saturday, 1pm // Sunday, 8am 

Here are some of the choir parts for the songs we are singing at Worship Together Weekend:

Every Giant Will Fall - Rend Collective

Whom Shall I Fear - Chris Tomlin

When We Pray - Tauren Wells

A note to band students: 

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE YOUR SONGS! We are now 3 months in and some of you are still coming not knowing your music or your songs. Do not wait until Monday practice to learn your music- prepare well ahead of time! We have made tutorial videos on our YouTube channel for some extra help if you need it. Click here for those videos. You can also practice to Prime. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Know your music, students! 

Posted at the bottom of this is a list of the bands and the songs that go with each band! 

Lastly, make sure you are signed up to be in a life group! You can sign up at highschoolministry.com/lifegroups  or saddlebackjhm.com/lifegroups !

A note to vocalists: CHOIR & MIC 

Vocalists, choir practices are mandatory! We have been seeing some of you become inconsistent in your weekly attendence. You need to be there every week (ESPECIALLY if you are a mic vocalists). Band vocalists, if you miss enough times, we may ask you to reconsider your commitment to a band.

We know that you are all busy and have a million and one things happening- if things are too busy, it may mean taking a little break from COS to focus in on some of the other priorities you have right now- and that is TOTALLY ok, we just need to know!  

If you are in COS, we ask for that full commitment just like it goes over in C.R.U.D. We actually take choir attendance into consideration when considering vocalists for bands and other opportunities in COS. If you are not able to make it, you need to be letting McKenna know at least 24 hours in advance! 

*Some example reasons NOT to miss choir: work (you should be scheduling Monday afternoons off), homework (all of you have homework), your grandma's neighbor's dog broke its paw, etc... 

*Some example reasons for missing choir: family emergency, you're sick (if you went to school, you should be making it to choir), car problems, you're out of town, you were abducted by aliens, etc... 

Side note: We have recorded all the harmony parts for our 25 songs. If you ever forget your part or want to practice before the weekend, you can go to this link to listen to it: click here

Lastly, make sure you are signed up to be in a life group! You can sign up at highschoolministry.com/lifegroups  or saddlebackjhm.com/lifegroups !

"B" stands for "be generous"! 

When we hear the phrase, "be generous", we typically think it has to do with money. And, you're not wrong BUT there are so many other ways that we can live a life of generosity. We can live generously by giving of our time and our energy. When was the last time you went out of your way and did something kind for someone else? When was the last time you put your daily agenda aside and said, "today, I'm going to make my wants secondary and someone else's needs first"? 

This months challenge: whether it's giving of your money, serving in the P.E.A.C.E. center, donating to one of the hurricane relief centers or helping out a neighbor who needs it, etc... live this month with a heart of generosity. Palms open, eyes up and hearts willing to serve where the need is. 



If you want a long sleeve COS baseball shirt, email COS@saddleback.com with your name and shirt size by October 31st. It will be $20 with cash or check.  

Again, students, we love you! If you have questions or concerns, you can email Taffy (taffy@saddleback.com) or McKenna (mckennay@saddleback.com). Kick butt for the Lord. 

- Taffy & McKenna