COS Lake Forest JHM and HSM Vocalists

We are leading at the Saddleback South Irvine campus and this is mandatory for all Vocals especially those on mic.  If you need a ride please email or text Taffy (  On Sunday after services JHM students we will go eat Korean Barbecue to hang out!!!  Bring about $25 dollars.

Saturday March 4th

3:00pm All vocalists meet at refinery parking lot

3:15pm Head for Irvine South Campus

3:45pm Rehearse

5:00pm Lead Saddleback South Irvine

6:30pm Head back to refinery and get picked up or go hang out with friends!!!!

Sunday March 5th

7:00am Meet at refinery parking lot

7:15am Head for South Irvine Campus

7:45am Rehearse

9:00am Saddleback South Irvine Campus Service

11:00am Saddleback South Irvine Campus Services

12:30pm All COS HSMers head back to refinery and get picked up.  COS JHM we will go and eat Korean Bar-B-Que in Tustin called Seoul Garden.

3:00pm JHM we should be back to the refinery by then.

If you need a ride, if you parents that can help drive, if you have any questions or need more info, please contact Taffy via email ( or by phone)