COS LF: in the month of April we are doing a Children's and Student Ministries worship night on 24th for our whole church. You need to invite your family and friends to this night because it is going to be epic!!! It's going to be an incredible night of worshiping Jesus through song, scripture, and prayer. This worship event will be held in the Worship Center- call time for everyone will be at 4:00-6:00 Rehearsal and 6:30-8:00 is the service.  Invite your families.

Here are some details for what is coming up: 

  • JHM vocalists: on March 20th you will have a regular vocal practice from 4:00pm-5:15pm. 
  • HSM vocalists: on March 20th you will have a regular vocal practice from 6:00pm-7:15pm.  

ALL VOCALS- JHM and HSM: on March 27th we will have potluck and practice. Everyone bring food to feed about 3-4 people at 4:45 and then we will have vocal practice with Rebecca Jones from Children's Choir from 5:30pm-7:00pm. This is mandatory for all vocals.

Please listen and try to learn these songs before the practice on the 27th so you are familiar with them before we practice with Rebecca. Here is the list of songs: 

  1. You are Good (Israel Houghton)
  2. Great God (Saddleback First)
  3. Thousand Hallelujahs (COS)
  4. 10,000 Reasons (Matt Redman)
  5. Divine and Holy (COS)
  6. Ever Be (Bethel)
  7. He is Alive (COS)
  8. Faith, Hope, and Love (COS slow version)
  9. I believe in Jesus (Brave Saddleback)
  10. Not my own (COS)
  11. We are the free (Matt Redman)

If you need more info or have any questions please email or text Taffy.