As this COS season is coming to a close, I wanted you to be aware of everything that is going on in April.

  • During everyone’s spring breaks, Jono is looking for people to play fun music for an hour at Patch coffee. Contact Jono for more info if you’re interested! Email Jono (Jonom@saddleback.com)
  • MANDATORY CHOIR weekend in HSM April 8/9. If you are unable to make it please email Taffy with the reason why you can't make it
  • On THURSDAYS of spring breaks if anyone wants to get lunch with McCountry and Taffy for fun let us know.  Email cos@saddleback.com

RE- AUDITIONS for the next COS season (next year) are on May 6th

  • INSTRUMENTALISTS email Taffy to sign up for a re-audition time slot (taffy@saddleback.com)
  • VOCALISTS email McKenna to sign up for a re-audition time slot (Mckennay@saddleback.com)

Family Night of Worship

Family N.O.W. is on the 24th and we would love for everyone to be involved and invite your families.

  • All vocalists PRACTICE on the 17th (in the refinery theater, please go in through the back doors)
  • REHEARSAL on the 20th in the Worship Center from 6-8pm for all vocalists
  • There will be a potluck on the 24th following the Night of Worship

HSM INSTRUMENTALISTS this will probably be the last month you will have with your bands so have fun!!!


  • For Night of Worship we are seeking to create a cohesive and modest look on stage.
  • TOPS: Please wear a solid colored top in a jewel tone. (See below)
  • Short or long sleeves.
  • *No tank tops or bare shoulders. If wearing a layered look, shoulders must be covered. No busy patterns, words, or graphics.
  • *Please be sure to check and see that if your arms are raised that your midriff is not showing.
  • BOTTOMS: Please wear jeans or dark pants. No skirts, dresses, or leggings.
  • SHOES: Closed toed shoes.