Summer is officially over (cue tears) and we are heading into fall! Here are some things happening this month that you will need to be marking on your calendars:

  • SEPT. 4TH - NO PRACTICES (choir or band) due to Memorial Day
    - Make sure you if you are playing/singing that weekend, you are practicing well throughout the week so you're ready on Saturday! This is the Monday before fall kick off- aka one of the biggest weekends of the year so make sure you come prepared! 
    - HSM & JHM will be CHOIR WEEKENDS in both. All COS vocalists must be in the choir that weekend! 
    - Choir call time in both HSM and JHM: 1PM
    - HSM opener: Uprising by Muse (start listening and learning that song!) 
    - JHM opener: TBD (check back later in Potted Meat for more details) 
  • SEPT. 11TH - Normal band/choir practices + HSM band vocal auditions (for students already in choir) 
    - HSM choir students: if you would like to audition to be in an HSM band, this day will be your opportunity to do so. This is not mandatory, but available if you would like to! You need to have been in choir for at least 3 months to audition. 
    - Girl audition song: Trust by Hillsong Young and Free
    - Guy audition song: Fortress by COS
    *** Lyrics MUST be memorized! 
  • SEPT. 19TH - Team Night
    - Saddleback Worship at Lake Forest is having another Team Night! COS gets to be apart of this night. Let Mckenna know if you will be able to make it! 
    - 6:30PM dinner will be served outside of the Worship Center at the Patio
  • SEPT. 20TH - Choir night at Men's Ministry event
    - More details to come!! 

a couple quick reminders...

+ If you are not able to make it to vocal practice or band practice, you need to be letting Taffy or McKenna know AT LEAST 24 hours in advance. Some of you are getting lazy in that but know that you signed C.R.U.D. this year- if this is not met, you will not be able to play/sing at your next assigned weekend. 

+ It's official. PLANNING CENTER scheduling will be activated this month! You will be getting emails for scheduling requests from Planning Center so be on the look out for that. You should all have a Planning Center account by now but know that we're still working out some kinks as we get it going. When you get a scheduling request email, you'll be able to change your password or reset it if you've forgotten it. You will be able to view the plan for that weekend and listen to the songs that your band is playing through PCO. (Isolated vocal parts will also be available!) Email McKenna (mckennay@saddleback.com) if you have any trouble logging in.. she can view your account to see if you need an email or password change. 

+ COS texts are a huge way of communication. If you aren't receiving those, email mckennay@saddleback.com and she can help you out!

A- Attending Church

Last month, we went through what the "H" in HABITS means- hang time with God. This month, we're focusing on the "A"- attending church. As believers, the church body is one of the greatest gifts we have been given. Jesus describes the Church as His bride- special, loved and chosen. As part COS and SSM, we ask that you attend-  not for our own well-being, but because of the benefits and blessings we know can happen when you dive into the Church and the community that comes with it. 

“And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”  Hebrews 10:25

Students, let kick butt for the Lord as we head into the start of this year. We love you!

- COS Staff

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