This month is PACKED with lots of good stuff. Plan ahead, mark your calendars and make sure to email Taffy or McKenna AT LEAST 24 hours in advance if you won't be able to make it to something.

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ALL COS will be singing in choir for Worship Together Weekend on September 1-2.

***Yes, that means instrumentalists will be singing, too!

Call time Saturday: 2pm
Cal time Sunday: 8am
Dress Code: any COS shirt + black jeans (no shorts)


Vocal practice on September 10th.

JHM: 4-5:30pm
HSM: 6-7:30pm

***ALSO - this month you will be able to re-audition as a band vocalist if you would like! 

If you are in the choir and would like to re-audition to be on microphone, you can do that on this date if you've been in choir for at least 3 months. You will attend normal choir practice and McKenna will pull you to audition you for a few minutes. Limited band spots available.


- Reckless Love
- Hosanna

(if you don't know them, check the Dropbox link for the harmonies)

- Not My Own
- Love Won't Let Me Down

(if you don't know them, check the Dropbox link for the harmonies)

know your vocal parts!

As a vocalist, it is your homework to know your harmonies and parts of songs- choir and/or band vocalists!

Here is the link to learn those parts... do not make up parts when you come on a weekend or to a choir event, know these parts specifically. 

Click HERE for the link.


All COS students will be singing at United! United is a night when all our SSM campuses come together under 1 roof and celebrate who God is - aka - a gigantic worship party for the Lord. 

EVERY COS student, from all our campuses, will be singing in our huge choir on stage at United.

When: September 16th
Call time: 3pm
Dress code: New COS blue shirts + black jeans 


Choir is no longer needed at DYM 100 so you can erase that from your calendars! 


Mandatory drum workshop on September 10th.

When: 6-8pm
Where: COS HQ

This workshop is also option for anyone else who wants to attend. We will have SPDS training. 

Let Taffy know if you will be attending!


Make sure you are checking the calendar for your band weekends! If you cannot make it, make sure you email or text Taffy to let him know AT LEAST 24 hours in advance.



  • Greatest Cluster - Catherine Sramala and Asher Larson

  • Pastor Clusters - Gabby Quijano, Sydney Hall and Sarah Lau


  • Clusendit - Josie Renick and Annie Chung

  • Thou Shall Not Cluster - Kyle Diaz

  • Granola Clusters - Maddie Evans and Avery Tescher

  • Cluster Hates Coffee - Avery Hill (BGV)

Thank you to all of you who auditioned yesterday! If your name is on that list, you will be joining the band listed by your name. Be sure to be checking the COS calendar for band practice dates and times!!

If your name is not on this list, you will remain in our COS choir. We have another set of auditions in January so if you would like to audition again for a band, you can do that then!


Hello Students and Parents!

McKenna here! I just wanted to send out an letter to you all in case you hadn’t heard some COS family news. This Sunday, after United, will be my last day on staff with COS. It has been such a privilege and joy to work alongside your students and get to do ministry with them! Our COS students are some of my favorite people in the whole world. As some of you may know, my family has had a hard year. We lost a friend suddenly who was as close to a second son/brother to my family as he could been. As you can imagine, this has been a hard season to navigate all of this through a busy and full schedule. This next season will be one of pursuing health and a slower pace to figure out some next steps. Like I said, I absolutely adore this community and Saddleback will always feel like home. I have so much love for Taff, our church and SSM.

Moving forward, vocalists and parents, Taffy will be your go to. I LOVE YOU STUDENTS and am SO proud of who you all are. Keep pressing into what Jesus has for you. See you all at United!

Love, McCountry

We love you, students!

Taffy & McCountry