F E B R U A R Y  P O T T E D M E A T:

Welcome to February COS! Although this Potted Meat is not as long, there are still important things going on in our ministry, so keep reading!


Big Church is in need of vocalists for their choir for March 2nd and 3rd.  Let Taffy know in an email if you can make it or not. This is not mandatory, but if you can help out that is great!


HSM Bands make sure you check the calendar on the COS Website to see when your band is playing.  Changes have been made to the normal schedule because of the “You Own The Weekend” Series, so make sure you know when you are scheduled to play.


COS is in need of a host home!! We have a volunteer named Tiago (he is a guy f.y.i)  coming to help with all things COS in March to the end of July.  Please let Taffy know if you are willing to help out or know anyone who would be willing to house our new volunteer!


SENIORS!! Make sure you get your money for your senior trip turned in! The cost is $100 so make sure you get your money turned into Cher, cherc@saddleback.com , by FEBRUARY 10th!!!

Love the COS Staff

Taffy, Cher, and Hannah