Writing Clusters


Writing Cluster is an awesome opportunity to share Jesus through music. It's really cool to see how God has used students to write songs that bring Him glory, and we're stoked to see how He'll continue to grow the ministry. Writing Cluster has only been able to accomplish super awesome things like the EP and the Live Album 1) because the Holy Spirit was doing His thing and 2) because of committed students. Writing Cluster is a commitment. Songs are only written if you (COS or non-COS student) are there to write them! Don't sweat it if you are applying to colleges / on the soccer team / serving in JHM / working at Chik-fil-A... don't spread yourself too thin. Be prayerful about applying to this ministry and know that we are praying for you guys, too!

application process

Writing Cluster applications for Fall 2017 have closed, but never fear! There will be another opportunity to apply over Christmas break. Feel free to email Jenna Luckif you have any questions about Writing Cluster, what we do or what involvement looks like at JennaL@saddleback.com